BREAKING NEWS - Introducing 'Forgotten Allies'


To mark VJ Day 2017, and in memory of all those affected by a brutal conflict often overshadowed by the war in Western Europe, today we're giving you a sneak peak of our new project - Forgotten Allies. In the darkest hours of World War 2, thousands of men from Burma gave their lives fighting a brutal war for Britain against the Japanese, and to carry out the most successful guerrilla campaign of the war. But after the Allied victory, Burma sank into isolation, dictatorship and civil war, and Britain forgot the bravery of these men.

Now only a handful of veterans remain - will they get the recognition they deserve before it's too late? One determined band of Brits are in a battle against time to make sure they do.

You can see a short teaser here.

The film features British historian Philip Davies, whose excellent new book on two heroes of this forgotten conflict - 'Lost Warriors' is now on sale.

Forgotten Allies is currently development - for more information check back soon, or contact