Critically acclaimed WW2 historian Dr. Robert Lyman backs 'Forgotten Allies'


There's few people on the planet who have a better back-catalogue on WW2 than historian and author Dr. Robert Lyman. Following 20 years in the British Army, he's since written no fewer than six highly commended works on different aspects of the Burma campaign in WW2 alone - including the most recent, Among the Headhunters: An Extraordinary World War II Story of Survival in the Burmese Jungle.  He has also released numerous publications on  the WW2 story in the Middle East and North Africa, and worked as a historical consultant to some brilliant documentaries on WW2 (including most recently with James Holland on the Burma campaign.)

We're delighted Rob will be joining us in 2 weeks time for our gala dinner and fundraiser - Remembering WW2 in Burma. (There's only a handful of tickets left, grab yours here.) When we asked him why it was important to remember this chapter of world history, he said:

“The steadfastness of the dwindling band of Burma veterans - in Britain, India and Burma - is a testament to the age-old virtues of faithfulness and loyalty. I first met Burma veteran David Daniels in Yangon in 2005, proudly wearing his uniform and medals, and was struck by his lifetime of commitment to the country to which he had pledged his service in 1941. He had fought for us when the Japanese first overran his country, and has remained faithful to his salt in all the decades since.  With the separation brought by time and distance as a nation we have largely forgotten the story of these gallant men and women, and what they sacrificed for the cause of liberty and justice all those years ago. We owe them the greatest of debts. Please do not forget them now.”

We couldn't agree more Rob - and that's exactly why we embarked on the Forgotten Allies documentary project. Learn more about it here.