Levison Wood backs the Forgotten Allies cause


We're thrilled that one of our filmmaking heroes - explorer and author Levison Wood - is backing the Forgotten Allies crowd-funding appeal. You can too by following this link. He'll also be making an appearance at our gala-dinner on June 21st in London - Remembering World War Two in Burma. Tickets for this unique event are still available here. Move quick, they're selling fast!

Lev, whose grandfather is a veteran of the Burma Campaign, said:

Burma, and the campaigns that were fought there in the Second World War, have loomed large in my imagination since I was a child. My grandfather was one of the men who served there as a volunteer. His stories impressed on me the bravery and sheer grit of those soldiers who fought in the most trying of circumstances.

It’s important that those veterans who are still living are recognised for their enormous sacrifice. This film demonstrates the extraordinary gallantry of those veterans from our own country, from allied nations in the Commonwealth and from Burma as well.

I have been fortunate to meet some of the veterans in the UK and in Burma, and their humility is humbling. We owe our allies and those who fought alongside us a huge debt of gratitude - it’s important that they are not forgotten. 

Since leaving the British Army, where he served in Afghanistan with the Parachute Regiment, Lev has had more than his fair share of hair-raising adventures. He's walked the length of the Nile, the Himalayas, Central America and now most recently around Arabia.

You can follow his latest journey on Instagram or Twitter.