Myanmar Premiere of 'We Were Kings' @ Irrawaddy Literature Festival


We were delighted to hold the first screening of the award-winning We Were Kings in Mandalay on Saturday November 4th, at the Irrawaddy Literary Festival. Mandalay was the last royal capital of Burma before it was annexed by Britain, so we couldn't have asked for a more perfect location to screen a documentary about what happened to the royal family after 1885.

Just to make the day even better, the Grammar team was joined in Mandalay by all the people that made this film possible.

First, the brilliant historian Sudha Shah who moderated the Q&A. Sudha's forensically researched book 'The King in Exile' - you can buy it here - was our bible throughout development and production.

Second, the one of a kind Jane Mote, Consultant Editor to the Whicker's World Foundation, without whom we would never have been able to get this film over the finish line. We were so happy she surprised us on her first visit to Myanmar!

Third, the royal family of Burma - including three of our four regal stars. The crowd's response to seeing their royal family reunited in Mandalay was quite something.

It was an emotional day in the We Were Kings story, but is it the end? We don't think so...

Here are links to how local journalists responded in the Myanmar Times and The Irrawaddy.