Award-winning 'Dadland' author Keggie Carew backs Forgotten Allies

We were delighted when the brilliant Keggie Carew offered to say a few words in support of the Forgotten Allies fundraising campaign.  The Grammar Productions team have a well-read copy of her brilliant debut book "Dadland: a journey into uncharted territory", and it's required reading over here! It's a truly unique piece of work, expertly combining an exploration of an unorthodox family life, with incredibly well-researched military history on British Special Forces activity in Burma during WW2. We weren't the only ones to give it rave reviews - Keggie won the Costa Best Biography Prize for it. Well deserved.

Keggie's father, Tom Carew - a dare-devil Irish war-hero - risked his life serving behind enemy lines to help defeat the Japanese in Burma. In following her story, she brings to life a chapter of wartime history which so few know about. It's a mission we share in making Forgotten Allies, about which Keggie said:

“The story of Burma in the Second World War and its aftermath is as complex and troubling as it is bittersweet. The repercussions of what happened are relevant to what is happening today, which is why I am so enthusiastic to support these award- winning filmmakers realise this project. My father operated behind enemy lines against the Japanese occupying forces and worked very closely alongside the Arakanese, Burmese, and Karen in the successful guerrilla campaigns of ’44 and ’45. He relied on them for his own safety, and on their immense courage in dangerous and difficult situations for the success of these covert missions. In writing Dadland it was important to me to understand the Burmese side of the story. I was amazed at the things I discovered. Please help this film give voice to the last of the last of the generation that experienced one of the most brutal campaigns in history so that we can bear witness, and make sure The Forgotten Army will not be forgotten again.”  

If you're interested in learning more about Tom's story, then click here to get your hands on a copy of this truly one of a kind book. Want to know more about Forgotten Allies? Then please click here.