Burma's Lost Royals - Sheffield DocFest 2016 Award Winner

Here at Grammar we're thrilled and delighted that our debut production, Burma's Lost Royals, has been awarded the inaugural Whicker's World Foundation Funding Award at this year's Sheffield DocFest. The funding will allow us to finish a project that has gripped our hearts and imaginations for over two years, and to tell a story that opens a window into Burma's soul. If all goes to plan, Burma's Lost Royals will be shown first at Sheffield DocFest 2017. We can't wait.

The Grammar team are incredibly grateful to Alan Whicker and the Foundation set up in his name.

The Whicker’s World Foundation, built on the legacy of journalist and broadcaster Alan Whicker who died in 2013, was set up to support documentary makers, with the aim of empowering talent who might otherwise never find its place in this competitive industry.

Liz McIntyre, CEO & Festival Director of Sheffield Doc/Fest said: " All five finalists had incredible stories to tell but the jury overwhelming felt that Burma’s Lost Royals is the deserving winner - it's an astonishing story giving us a window into another world with extraordinary characters and a sense of urgency that makes it a film that must be made.”

Valerie Kleeman, who set up the Foundation and was Whicker’s partner for more than 40 years, said: “Alan would have loved this story. He would have jumped at the chance to have made it himself. I look forward to viewing the finished film.

“Alan’s wish was that the Foundation should provide a platform for young documentary makers.He would be amazed and delighted by so much of what we have seen. We looked for surprise and originality and have not been disappointed – the sheer variety of entries has been overwhelming, the choices agonising."